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Tools for wildland threat mapping and geospatial data mining

Gathering data on wildland threats and focusing that information in a manner which is easy to comprehend is important in developing a comprehensive threat early warning and monitoring system.

Data mining of geospatial and other information content on the internet may provide a novel means for early detection and assessment of ecosystem change and impending natural disturbances. Our GeoSpatial Search Engine (GSE) retrieves map services based on user-defined search terms and can be used to locate and view threat-related geospatial data services. Another relevant source of wildland threat information are media websites. The Threat News Explorer (TNE) conducts a user-defined keyword search for media articles then geo-locates the source of the article.

There is also a need for a user-friendly geospatial data viewing platform for wildland threat data; to address this need we have developed a series of web and desktop mapping solutions. Our Wildland Threat Mapper(WTM) applications provides an interactive way to examine spatial patterns of multiple threats and the human and ecological values they potentially affect.
The Threat Data Mining and Display Applications utilize the latest in web and geospatial server technologies, including Cloud-Computing and Open-Source software.

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