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Open Source Cloud Map System Setup

Follow these steps to set up the open source cloud map. As noted below some of the steps can be eliminated by starting an EC2 instance from a predefined WWETAC GeoServer AMI (Amazon Machine Image with GeoServer installed).

  1. Create an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account. You can find instructions for this step in the EC2 Getting Started Guide.

  2. Create an Amazon EC2 instance with GeoServer and the Open Source map application installed. This optional step will eliminate some of the steps below and is the recommended easiest method to set up the map. Launch and EC2 instance from the AMI with ID 'ami-2e649047' and name 'WWETAC Open Source Map'. Contact WWETAC to gain access to this AMI if it is not available to your AWS account.

  3. Create an Amazon EC2 instance. Instructions are also in the EC2 Getting Started Guide. When choosing an AMI make sure you choose a Windows server with IIS (and ASP.NET) already installed. This step should be skipped if step 2 above was completed.

  4. Connect to your Windows EC2 instance and install GeoServer. You can download GeoServer here. There are multiple setups available. Use the Windows installer (geoserver-2.0.1-ng.exe). The instructions for the install are here. This step should be skipped if step 2 above was completed.

  5. Copy GIS data and configure map layers. The GeoServer user's manual will guide you through the steps of configuring GeoServer.

  6. Start GeoServer on the EC2 instance server.

  7. Seed the layers in GeoWebCache on the server. Instructions for this are here. Note that jpeg tiles are smaller than png and the default for base layers. Also png are better quality and will always be used for overlays because they can be transparent and overlays need to support transparency. Seed all layers for zoom levels 0 to 10 for EPSG:4326. If it is a base layer, seed it with jpeg files. If it is an overlay layer, seed it with png files.

  8. Install the open source map application on the server. Contact WWETAC to receive a copy of the installation package. This step should be skipped if step 2 above was completed.

  9. Test the application on a browser. If you receive an 'Access to the patt is denied' error for any function, you will need to right click the folder and grant full control to the IIS_WPG user in the security tab.




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